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BE Analytic is a NABL-accredited laboratory. BE Analytic has established a world-class test facility for quality and reliability assurance of different Mechanical, Electronic and Electromechanical Products.

We offer comprehensive Ozone Testing Services to ensure the reliability and performance of your products. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities and experienced team of engineers enable us to provide customized testing solutions that meet your specific needs.

We conduct various types of Ozone tests as per different national and international test standards like ASTM D 518 IS-3400 (Part-20), ASTM D 1149, ISO 1431-1: 1989, ASTM D 1171, ASTM D 3395, ASTM D 4575BIS, ISO, DIN, MIL and so on.

What is Ozone Testing?

The ozone test is a type of environmental test that is conducted on various aerospace, automotive, defense and electronics products to evaluate their resistance to ozone exposure. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is formed by the interaction of ultraviolet (UV) light and oxygen in the atmosphere. It can cause the degradation of many materials, including rubber, plastics, and electrical insulation. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the resistance of electronic and defense products to ozone exposure.

The ozone test involves exposing the test specimen to a high concentration of ozone in a controlled environment. The test can be conducted in an ozone chamber, or a test chamber equipped with an ozone generator. The test conditions can be varied based on the product’s specifications and intended use. The test typically involves exposing the specimen to a predetermined concentration of ozone for a specified period, while monitoring its performance and physical properties.

During the test, the product is monitored for any changes in its physical properties, such as cracking, swelling, discoloration, or loss of tensile strength. The product is also tested for any changes in its electrical or functional properties, such as insulation resistance, dielectric strength, or conductivity.

The ozone test can be used to determine the durability and reliability of aerospace, automotive, defense and electronics products in ozone-rich environments, such as near high-voltage power lines or in the vicinity of UV light sources. It can help manufacturers develop products that can withstand long-term exposure to ozone and ensure that they will perform reliably over their intended lifespan.

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