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BE Analytic is a NABL accredited laboratory. BE Analytic has established world class test facility for quality and reliability assurance of different Mechanical, Electronic and Electromechanical Products.

At BE Analytic, we offer comprehensive High Temperature Testing Services to ensure the reliability and performance of your products. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities and experienced team of engineers enable us to provide customized testing solutions that meet your specific needs.

We conduct various types of High Temperature tests as per different national and international test standards like IEC 60068-2-1, IEC 60068-2-14, IS 9000(Part-3 & Part-4), MIL-STD-810F, JSS 55555, ISO 16750-4, JSS 50101 and so on.

What is High Temperature Test?

High Temperature Test is a type of environmental test conducted on products and materials to evaluate their ability to withstand high temperatures. The test is designed to determine the performance, reliability, and safety of products when they are exposed to high temperatures. The test is typically carried out in a chamber with controlled temperature and is used to simulate the extreme high-temperature conditions that products may encounter during normal use or in transport.

During the test, the products or materials are exposed to high temperatures, typically ranging from 85°C to 200°C or even higher, depending on the specific application and requirements. The duration of the test depends on the product or material being tested and may range from a few minutes to several hours or even days.

The results of the High Temperature Test are used to identify any design or manufacturing flaws that may cause the product to fail at high temperatures. This helps manufacturers to improve the product design and ensure that the products can withstand extreme temperature conditions.

BE Analytics High Temperature testing facilities:

  • High Temperature test

  • High Temperature Storage test

  • High Temperature Storage Cum Operation test

  • High Temperature Operation test

  • Burn-In Test

High temperature test chamber

1. What is High Temperature Storage test?

High Temperature Storage Test is a type of environmental testing that is used to evaluate the ability of a product or material to withstand exposure to high temperatures over an extended period. The test is typically performed in a chamber that is set to the desired temperature and the product or material is placed inside the chamber for a specified duration. The objective of the test is to determine if the product or material will perform as expected after exposure to high temperatures for an extended period, and to identify any potential weaknesses or failure points that may be caused by prolonged heat exposure.

High temperature test

2. What is High Temperature Storage Cum Operation test?

High Temperature Storage Cum Operation test is a type of test that evaluates the performance and reliability of a product or material when it is exposed to high temperature conditions during both storage and operation. The test is typically performed by subjecting the product or material to a high temperature environment for an extended period while monitoring its performance and any changes in its physical or chemical properties. The test can help identify potential weaknesses or failure modes in a product or material when exposed to high temperatures and can be used to inform design and engineering decisions to improve product reliability and durability.

3. What is High Temperature Operation test?

High Temperature Operation test is a type of environmental testing that is designed to evaluate the performance of a product when exposed to high temperatures for an extended period. This test is typically conducted to assess how a product or component will perform when subjected to high temperatures in normal use or under specific operating conditions. The test involves placing the product or component in an environment where the temperature is set to a specific level for a predetermined amount of time. The test may be performed in a temperature chamber, oven, or other specialized equipment, depending on the specific requirements of the test. The test conditions are typically determined based on the intended use of the product or component and the relevant industry standards or regulations.

4. What is Burn-In Test?

Burn-in test is a type of accelerated life testing that is performed on electronic devices to detect potential failures and defects before the product is released to the market. It involves subjecting the device to a high-stress environment, typically at an elevated temperature and voltage, for an extended period. The goal of the burn-in test is to simulate the effects of normal use on the device and identify any potential issues that could arise during its lifetime. Burn-in tests can be done for a variety of devices such as computer processors, memory modules, and electronic circuits.

High Temperature test

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