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BE Analytic is a NABL accredited laboratory. BE Analytic has established world class test facility for quality and reliability assurance of different Mechanical, Electronic and Electromechanical Products.

At BE Analytic, we offer comprehensive Drop Test and Bench Handling test Services to ensure the reliability and performance of your products. Our state-of-the-art testing facilities and experienced team of engineers enable us to provide customized testing solutions that meet your specific needs.

We conduct various types of Drop Test and Bench Handling test, Toppling test as per different national and international test standards like MIL STD 810G, JSS 55555 and so on.


What is Drop Test?

Drop test is a type of mechanical testing used to evaluate the impact resistance of a product or package when dropped from a certain height. The test involves dropping the product or package onto a hard surface, typically several times, from different angles and orientations. The height and number of drops are determined by the testing standards or specifications for the product or package being evaluated.

Drop testing is commonly used in industries such as electronics, automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods to ensure that products and packages can withstand the impact and shock that may occur during shipping, handling, or use. The results of drop testing can help manufacturers identify design or manufacturing issues that may lead to product failure or damage and can also be used to improve packaging design and material selection.

Drop Test & Bench Handling Test facilities:

  • Drop test

  • Bench Handling test

  • Toppling tests

Drop tester

1. What is Drop test?

Drop Test: A drop test is a test in which a product or package is dropped from a specified height onto a hard surface to simulate the impact that might occur during normal use, shipping, or handling. This test is usually performed multiple times, and the product is inspected for any damage or malfunction.

Drop testing

2. What is Bench Handling test?

Bench Handling Test: A bench handling test is designed to simulate the handling and transportation of a product during manufacturing, assembly, or distribution. It involves subjecting the product to various handling procedures, such as pushing, pulling, twisting, and dropping, while mounted on a test fixture or held by a test operator. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the product’s ability to withstand these handling procedures without damage.

Bench Handling Test

3. What is Toppling test?

Toppling Test: A toppling test is designed to evaluate a product’s stability and resistance to tipping over. The test involves placing the product on a surface that simulates a typical usage surface and then applying a specified force to the product to see if it tips over. This test is particularly relevant for products that are tall or have a high center of gravity, such as furniture, appliances, or electronic equipment.

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BE Analytics Drop testing facilities

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