Railway - RAMS

Reliable and Safe Rail Engineering

The Reliability & Safety requirements in Railway domain is increasing and day by day becoming stringent. All Metro Rail project bodies demand their vendors for detailed analysis of RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) for the products & services supplied. BE Analytic is having expert Reliability & Safety Engineering team who can perform RAMS analysis based on international standards, and let you be ahead in the competition.

BE Analytic is expert in providing services based on all CENELEC / EN / IEC standards to fulfill the required safety and quality standards for rail engineering. BE Analytic provide end to end comprehensive services for Railway RAMS, also provides methods to achieve required RAMS goals in a cost effective approach.

BE Analytic work on work packages for a specific subsystem and perform individual analysis like MTBF prediction, RBD, FMECA, FTA, PHA, MTTR, SIL and also help Rail Project owners to develop a comprehensive RAMS program plan to implement and do Reliability Apportionment for different subsystems suppliers like Rolling Stock, Signalling, Tunnel Ventilation, Power Supply, SCADA etc.

BE Analytic also provides full-fledged project management support to complete the RAMS analysis as per below standards and participate in presentations to get the required approvals from accreditation bodies/Rail project owners.
Railway - BE Analytic
Railway - BE Analytic
  • EN 50126 I IEC 62278 (Railway Applications – The Specification And Demonstration Of Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS);
  • EN 50128 I IEC 62279 (Railway Applications – Communications, Signalling And Processing Systems – Software For Railway Control And Protection Systems); and
  • EN 50129 (Railway Applications – Communication, Signalling And Processing Systems – Safety RelatedElectronic Systems For Signalling)