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Integrated Reliability and Safety Analysis Platform

ITEM Toolkit is a suite of comprehensive prediction and analytical modules all contained within an integrated environment. It has the benefit of object-oriented architecture, delivering accuracy, flexibility and ease of use. It offers you convenient features that provide a consistent format for all your analyses. This enables learning carry-over from one module to another.

ITEM Toolkit has standardized many critical functions, shortcuts and other features that operate identically in each module. This saves you time and effort, increasing productivity.

An easy-to-use User Interface makes it faster and easier to maneuver throughout your project or system. You can view your data in a tabular grid, dialog box, hierarchy tree, chart or graph. Editing is as simple as a click on any of the standard options such as cut, copy, paste, drag and drop.

With its user-defined powerful import and export facilities, data can move seamlessly to and from BOMs, Excel, Access, text and comma-delimited file formats. The creation of templates makes this even easier.

Item Software | Reliability Engineering Service | BE Analytic Solutions LLP
Item Software | Reliability Engineering Service | BE Analytic Solutions LLP

Tech Notes

  • Build and open multiple systems and project files
  • Drag and drop components and systems between projects
  • Powerful reporting and charting facilities
  • Import and export to MS Excel, Access, Word etc.
  • User-defined custom library facilities
  • Advanced hybrid linking and modelling
  • Redundancy modelling including hot standby
  • Linked Block facility reduces entry repetition
  • Automatic Criticality
  • Analyzes uncertainty, sensitivity and Common Cause Failure (CCF)
  • DFMEA detail model for increased accuracy
  • Converts CAFTA models automatically
  • Capacity & flow model
  • User-defined and specific

ITEM Toolkit Modules

  • Reliability Prediction
  • MIL-HDBK-217
  • Bellcore / Telcordia
  • NSWC
  • IEC 62-380 (RDF)
  • China299B
  • Reliability Block Diagram
  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Event Tree Analysis
  • Markov Analysis
  • Maintainability
  • Spares Scaling & Ranging

Technical Highlights

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Analysis Integration
  • Fast & Customizable Reports Full Importing & Exporting Results Validation
  • Flexible Licensing


What is iQRAS

iQRAS is a user-friendly software tool with a fully integrated environment for constructing and analyzing risk models. A powerful aid for conducting PRA. you can construct and quantify risk scenario models, estimate numerical risk levels and identify major risk contributors.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

  • Scenario-Based Risk Modeling
  • Event Sequence Diagrams
  • Fault Trees
  • Risk Level Quantification
  • Risk Contributor Ranking
  • System-Level Risk Aggregation
  • Binary Decision Diagrams

Assess Your Risk with Confidence

Understanding risk and having the right strategies in place when an incident occurs is becoming more evident and essential. More and more, organizations are faced with the need to measure and reduce their risks.

A successful and effective approach to risk management critically depends on the ability to answer key questions:

  • How large are our risks?
  • What are the most likely risk scenarios and how severe would the consequences be?
  • What elements in our system or organization are the major contributors to risk?
  • How will our risk be affected by changes to the system or organization?
  • How confident are we about the answers to the above and how can we increase our confidence?

iQRAS Major Features

  • Risk Model Analysis
  • Quantification Models
  • Gate ESD Detail Results
  • Incorporation of Other Models
  • Organization of Risk Models
  • Quantification
  • Reporting, Export of Risk Models and Results
  • Common Cause Failure Modeling


Are You Open to Change?

The latest release from ITEM Software is an extraordinary collection of new capabilities that provides a customizable, cross-platform, multi-user. open framework. Built on proven and recognized analysis engines, ITEM QT® (iQT®) is a revolutionary approach to reliability, safety and risk analysis software tools. With IQT. you are no longer limited by the technology choices of software vendors or chained to the infrastructure requirements of their products. Continue reading to learn more about the IQT design that provides a framework to suit all of your needs.

ITEM Software continues to build and deliver reliable, defensible and innovative tools your industry requires. Over the years, we have heard from many users in a variety of industries that analysis tools need to be more open and extensible. In developing this new tool, ITEM Software has taken into consideration that not every company or situation has the same requirements and capabilities.

  • Customizable & Efficient Interface
  • Cross-Platform
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