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Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System - FRACAS

FRACAS - Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System

Failure / Incident Reporting Analysis and Corrective Action System (FRACAS) is recognized as one of the most valuable tools for producing safe and reliable process and systems.

Systematic Field failure data collection for analysis and corrective/preventive action is a very important activity that results in enhanced product reliability and reduced operational costs over the product, equipment or system life-time. Continuous monitoring and tracking of data via FRACAS provides an assessment as to whether previous failure trends have been eliminated through corrective actions.

Our web-based FRACAS solution can be configured to meet customers’ specific requirements and its ease-of-use capabilities ensures that no prior programming experience is required.

Field failure data acquisition, repair work flow management and analysis of product reliability, quality and safety data is easily handled from multiple locations, along with the capability for effectively managing corrective actions recommended. The FRACAS solution is a closed loop, enterprise wide system enabling efficient failure /incident data collection, and failure analysis. Field failure data can be analyzed with reference to the reliability goals set during the product/system design and is therefore a valuable tool for establishing reliability growth.

The need to inform, alert or notify relevant individuals is a key element in any failure/incident treatment. Our FRACAS solution has the capability to raise alerts / alarms based on user defined condition. In addition, the Alert Module enables automated sending of messages to relevant professionals according to pre-defined “trigger points”.

The warranty claim database aims to preserve history of the warranty returns and to carry out some requests in order to realize statistical analysis which will be part of Quality studies or will be taken into account during new parts design. Most analysis is based on Weibull distributions. The warranty claim database is a key tool in the deployment of a warranty plan/policy, which examines extended warranty scenarios.

FRACAS provides wide range of analytical reports and outputs cover all types of FRACAS analysis including reliability, failure analysis, root cause analysis, MTBF, Failure Rate, Reliability Growth, Pareto Distributions, Weibull Analysis, Spares Consumption and more.

Reports can be produced in Excel, PDF, Doc/Word, or HTML formats. Reports can also be featured in tabular view, graphic view or both.

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